Through knowledge, insight and uncommon creativity, we unlock the potential of every molecule, inspiring and empowering the pharma industry to deliver medicines that make a difference.

Our people do what they do because they love what we do. You can't develop tomorrow's medicines with yesterday's thinking, and our team brings the industry's deepest insights in innovation to the most meaningful medicines.

We are proud of the wisdom, pioneering spirit, energy, wit and creativity of everybody who calls IDEA home. That’s why those traits are the bedrock of our culture. With deep discipline experience in clinical, medical, regulatory, commercial and communications, we know that trust and challenges drive better ideas. And better ideas drive better medicines...


Design thinking, and design doing. With a sweet spot at the beginning of phase II, we’re focused on understanding possibility and maximising probability of success. We understand what your molecule could be and what the market might want.

Path to Market Design
From where you are, to where you want to be

Ideating, designing and evaluating alternative paths to approval, reimbursement and commercial success.

Strategic Positioning
Taking the IDEA of your product to your customers

Creating and defining your brand IDEA: your position, your positioning and your value proposition.

Value Proposition
Ideate, create and communicate the economic ‘why’ of your product

Creating and defining the reason why someone will choose your product over every alternative.

Imagine Futures / Scenario Planning
Planning for all things probable and possible

Mapping future market possibilities, making better-informed decisions.

Strategy Audit
Imagine improving your strategy by 1%

An independent (human, expert) review of your product’s strategy.

Insights Creation
People research, not market research

Behavioural insights - prescriber, payer and patient.


We like a challenge and with senior principal involvement throughout each project, we’ll push you to push us, creating truly great work


Like Sherpa Tenzing to your team’s Edmund Hillary, we’ve made this journey successfully time after time. Our team delivers nothing but original thinking, measurable results and strategic excellence. Nobody understands innovation in pharma quite like us.

Photo of Mike Rea
Mike Rea

Mike Rea has worked in global pharma strategy for over 25 years. Regarded as an industry thought leader in innovation, Mike has helped lead the strategic direction of over 100 pharmaceutical brands, including the top 2 launches of 2015, and over half of the 50 fastest growing drugs in the 2010-15 window.

Mike has been named as one of the 100 Most Inspiring People in Healthcare in 2011, 2013 and 2015 (PharmaVoice) and voted one of Top 10 Innovators in Pharma (PharmaPhorum).

Outside work, Mike owns an independent record label (Medical Records), organises the street food/ food truck festival MXMK, and cycles really slowly.

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Photo of Dr Alexander Gray
Dr Alexander Gray
Chief Medical Officer

Alex is a widely experienced, versatile and insightful pharmaceutical physician working as an external consultant at the clinical-commercial interface on Global, European and U.S. projects for top ten pharmaceutical companies. 

In his 18 years in industry, he has consulted on a wide range of issues, including clinical trials strategy development and alignment with commercial brand vision, brand positioning development, product portfolio profiling and strategy development, brand strategy and operational plan development. 

In his spare time he is a fan of Baroque music, opera, and rock music, and a builder of cars.

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