IDEA Pharma Welcomes Oncology ‘path to market expert,’ Mhairi Strachan

NEW YORK, USA – IDEA Pharma, the leading Path to Market Design practice in pharma/ biotech, is delighted to announce the appointment of Mhairi Strachan as Principal, to the NYC practice.

With over 16 years of strategic and operational oncology experience, Mhairi brings to IDEA a wealth of knowledge across successful launches, in line growth brands and early development products. She also brings a fitting creative energy that has been key to her unique success in the industry.

Mhairi’s most recognizable success is the leadership, rigor, and creativity she showed as the Worldwide Brand Team Lead for OPDIVO® at BMS – leading to what is recognized as one of the most successful launches of an oncology asset in history. In addition, her experience includes Global Brand Lead for XALKORI® at Pfizer, and Global Brand Director, Oncology for SPRYCEL® at BMS, and was a key team member on many of BMS’s other heavy hitter oncology brands. Notably, she also brings a depth of experience in co RX/DX biomarker launches across several assets.

We are delighted that Mhairi has joined IDEA Pharma. She brings with her deep experience of commercializing oncology assets, including some of the most pivotal advances of recent years in targeted therapeutics and immuno-oncology. Her skills and knowledge will allow IDEA Pharma to further develop capability in assisting our clients with developing innovative path-to-market strategies for their oncology assets.

– Alexander Gray, IDEA’s Chief Medical Officer

Oncology is exploding with possibilities, and that means it is no longer business as usual… I couldn’t be more proud that a rockstar with proven ability to lead differentiated launches in oncology is joining IDEA, with a mission to continue to change things positively. We’ve already been involved with path to market design for 7 of the top 10 projected oncology products by 2020 – I know Mhairi and we will look to improve on that success, to make sure meaningful medicines continue to reach patients.

– Mike Rea, CEO