IDEA Pharma announce war on Rare Diseases: the most demanding challenge facing pharma today

LONDON, UK – A letter from Mike Rea, CEO of IDEA Pharma, to companies developing drugs in rare and orphan diseases. 

To Whom It May Concern:

IDEA Rare exists because rare disease is now one of the most demanding path-to-market challenges in pharma: at the intersection of traditional pharma and innovation. Lining up a path that clears the regulatory hurdle, but also aligns the wants of payers, physicians, and patients is a design challenge. First or best, lifecycle plans, patient advocacy, alternative regulatory paths…? So many critical decisions, so many interdependent decisions, taken so early in development.

We didn’t build IDEA Rare because it is easy, but because it is hard. We exist to give you choice. Applying design thinking to rare disease means designing with the end in mind, and with a team whose singular focus is to design paths to market for meaningful medicines. We built IDEA Rare to be your ideal partner.

At the core of IDEA is the design of several holistic path-to-market solutions: faster, bigger, lower risk, the one that outflanks your nearest competitor, the one that no-one had thought of until now… We will end with 5 paths to decide between, but will work through many more. You will know that there are hundreds of alternatives. The way to arrive at the best idea is to have a lot of them, and a way to decide what ‘best’ means.

And when you stand, evaluating the 5 paths, you will know that the first step can be taken deliberately - you have planned for eventualities, mitigated risk, understood alternative value propositions, carefully aligned with advocates, planned your non-traditional go-to-market approach.

Rare Disease is different. When the tolerances are lower, the need for design is elevated.